I like to tackle delicious, complex problems using the strategic and tactical capacities of design. 

Whether I’m leading the design of an innovation workshop at the White House, helping thesis candidates with their research or consulting as a strategist for the World Bank or the UN, my guiding principal remains the same: focus on what allows people to thrive.  

As the director of the Humanitarian Design Lab I like to say that we’re in the business of designing consequences. Our activities explore the subject of resiliency through design. We do this by partnering with amazing folks from the humanitarian and development community including the Red Cross (IFRC, American Red Cross), Oxfam America, FEMA, World Bank and the United Nations. 

When wearing my academic hat I’m Thesis Director for Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons. A graduate program conceived with an understanding that the really big challenges we face in the world today don’t belong to any single discipline. Working with my wonderful colleagues we develop agile graduates who are able to employ design to facilitate and lead social innovation initiatives.

Internationally, my consulting work with the World Bank (SDN, WBI) and the United Nations (UNHCR, UNWFP) focuses on social development, human and environmental security, climate resilience and disaster risk management. Domestically I serve on the board of the Urban Assembly School of Emergency Management in New York, Blue Ridge Foundation’s Significance Labs and regularly engage on initiatives regarding crisis response and emergency management. 

I live in Brooklyn with my wife and our two wonderful sons. When I arrive home before the kids’ bedtime we disco. This involves turning up the music and everyone dancing it out for half an hour. The rules are tops off, socks on, all else is optional. And whilst we’re being honest, I have a perplexing fear of sinkholes. Probably due to falling down a well as a child.


  • Film
  • Resilience
  • Design Research
  • Humanitarian Design
  • International Development


  • Communication
  • Projects Studio 1 (Transdisciplinary Design Graduate Program)
  • Projects Studio 3 (Transdisciplinary Design Graduate Program)
  • Thesis (Transdisciplinary Design Graduate Program)