Lisa Norton is associate dean of the School of Design Strategies at Parsons.

Abiding curiosity about human interactions underlies Lisa Norton’s focus on the diffusion of timely and more integrative designing practices. Responding consciously to the complexity of our contemporary world expands both the responsibility and the potential influence of professional designers. Norton’s teaching, facilitation and consulting focus on the interdependencies between consciousness and capacity, emphasizing the adult developmental, interpersonal and transpersonal aspects of organizational and societal change.

Previous teaching experience has included a broad range of artists, designers and other creatives at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a regular contributor to Integral Leadership Review where she explores models of – as well as challenges to – integrative design approaches. Her forthcoming book, Design Being, is a micro nonfiction handbook of ways of being in relationship with the complex and demanding contexts we co-create, live and work within. A whole-body, whole-hearted approach to deeper professional engagements, Design Being aims to envision, inspire and evoke the design of that better, more just world we know is possible.



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