Kiersten believes passionately in the power of creativity–the power to ask: why? what if…? and how might we…?  To this end, Kiersten founded Public Works as a platform for catalyzing civic engagement by expanding the creative capacities of individuals and organizations to understand how they can and do impact their every day. Kiersten has worked for, with and in a diversity of demographics throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Most recently, she collaborated with a motley crew of artists, engineers, educators and geologists in partnership with the Department of Environmental Quality to construct an integrated groundwater monitoring network that actively engages individuals, organizations and institutions across Kentucky in the cultivation of their/our water ways. Her publications include [Un]Learning: A Dialectical Approach Toward Sustainability (2015); [Un]Learning X Design From The Ground, Up (2015); and Detroit : Going Nowhere, Going Somewhere (2012). Through her work, Kiersten seeks to understand the correlations between design, behavioral psychology, collective memory and urban development.