Design and Urban Ecologies MS students Shirley Bucknor, April DeSimone and Anze Zadel are developing the Amenawon Solar School Project in the neighborhood of Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria with faculty member Mary Taylor.  Zadel and Taylor visited Ikeja in November 2013 to meet with the family and community members of the late Mrs. Amenawon Amayo and discuss plans for the solar school.

Amenawon Solar School

Lagos, Nigeria is the third largest city in the world. Everyday life in Lagos is characterized by lack of access to affordable potable water, open sewers and the lack of a municipal waste treatment system, daily electrical outages, and limited access to un-built space and the habit of cultivating food in the city.

The Amenawon Solar school addresses these challenges through the development of a sustainable compound in the neighborhood of Ikeja, Lagos. Working with tenants in the building, Amenawon’s family members, and the community in Ikeja, the project will develop a rain water harvesting system to produce potable water, a green roof that will provide open space and the opportunity to cultivate food, retrofit the building with solar panels to provide reliable electricity and replace dirty energy-based generator use. We also seek to address the sewage problem with compound-scale solutions such as compost toilets and neighborhood-scale solutions such as filtering plants and energy production from bio waste.


-Children from the school dressed in traditional clothing for  “culture day”
-Amenawon’s son Duke, family members, and children from the school in Amenawon Solar School building
-Dressmaker Mary in her studio-home in Amenawon Solar School building
-Children in their classroom in Amenawon Solar School building