Dagny Tucker has been selected one of Pregame magazine’s 2016 Creative MVPs!

Using innovation, strategy, and design, her work pushes the boundaries of how we think about everyday decisions and builds the capacity in others to have real impact on today’s pressing issues. Her appointment with non-profit, business, and government players has traversed five continents and represents two decades of experience in strategy, innovation, management, and community engagement.

Words can be hollow: sustainability, fair trade, conflict resolution — but Dagny strives to put the fat meaning back onto the hackneyed bones of jargon. Sustaining means not only lasting but good, solid solutions to complicated issues. Fair trade means truly happy families, laughter, food from clean soil on both sides of the trade lines. Conflict resolution doesn’t mean buried in the sand or chilly relations, it means break through, break down, restart from the seeds of creation, it means sleep well at night knowing the children are safe.

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