A Day in the Life of a Design Strategist

Amanda Ramos discussed her path from the field of architecture to working as a design-based consultant. She shared how a typical (and not so typical) day entails user research, innovation facilitation, brand storytelling, big idea creation and ultimately strategy development for some of the world’s most well-know companies. Her presentation of ‘questions and answers’ illustrated ways design is creating new value and competitive advantage across many different industries today.

Amanda is a leader in Strategy and Innovation with Gensler’s consultancy practice. Her highly collaborative and creative process stems from her education as an architect, and her experience working with interdisciplinary teams of interior, industrial and graphic designers at Bruce Mau Design. She has taken on many roles from visioning to design thinking; from ideating to storytelling; from researching to innovating. These processes have led to the strategic development of change communications for brands such as Johnson & Johnson; exhibitions for signature architects such as Frank Gehry; workplace prototypes for corporations such as HP and IBM; campus master plans for global companies such as Novartis; and creative programs for agencies such as Ogilvy. Currently, she is leading a research project about change management and co-writing a book about design strategy.

In Fall 2012 she will be co-teaching the Professional Communication Seminar in the Graduate Transdisciplinary Design Program.