whtfl“Whether you are a dreamer in rural Kansas, or San Francisco, you can easily find and dance yourself to dream in my designs.”

Andrea Diodati, a former student and 2011 graduate of the Integrated Design Program, is asking women to “get dressed and fall in love with themselves!” Through her self-described “whimsical women’s line,” which is currently being sold at Anthropologie, her goal is to make the “Andrea Diodati lifestyle accessible,” a passion that she cultivated while at the School of Design Strategies (SDS) Her current journey started by chance while a student when she responded to an open casting call on the Parsons career website. This fortuitious turn led to her being a featured designer on the Sundance Channel’s show, All On The Line, where she was mentored by ELLE Magazine’s Creative Director Joe Zee. And now, with an ascendent career trajectory that started at SDS, she recently had her successful Fall 2013 fashion show. At Parsons, she learned that “we didn’t have to wait for anyone to call us a designer – we create our own opportunities.” In her education she “experienced a heartfelt approach to ‘connecting’ in the creative process” in which she was “encouraged to explore holistic design practices that blurred the lines of work practices.” The school has “a very D.I.Y mentality,” which empowers students. If you want to have “a gallery show, organize it. If you want to sell your designs, go to boutiques directly.” At Parsons, she also learned the value of collaboration, discovering the important of “resonance in design… when the maker’s being is deeply embedded in their creation.” “My branding is a reflection of my lifestyle, interests and how I choose to organize my life; and I think that is what my customers respond to – the authenticity and honesty. ” Her goal, as a designer, is to “create a platform for women working in various mediums” through a series of “active experiential installation-like flagships.”

Visit her website at http://andreadiodati.com/ For more information on the Integrated Design Program visit http://www.newschool.edu/parsons/bfa-integrated-design/