The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative in conjunction with the New School present : A New Social Contract; Guaranteeing Dignity in a Precarious Economy, Friday February 9th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Space is limited so reserve your seat early! See the attached flyer or register through the link below.


A universal basic income is one of several bold policy ideas that is gaining currency as an idea for eliminating poverty, reducing inequality, compensating reproductive and caring labor, and guaranteeing economic well being as a fundamental right. A public jobs guarantee, baby bonds, a shorter work week are also powerful possibilities.

Yet while a guaranteed income is attracting attention from human rights defenders, it is also attracting the attention of libertarians, who see it as a way to replace the rest of the social insurance system entirely, abolishing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare and thus wreaking unthinkable harm on people’s lives.

NESRI is proud to be part of a growing conversation on bold solutions to human crises, and are committed to making sure any potential solutions live up to human rights principles by protecting all rights of all people and by doing so equitably. For those in New York, please join us on February 9th for a panel discussion exploring these and other bold ideas to rewire our inequitable economy. Inspired by the legacy of Dr. King and all defenders of human rights, let us learn from the past and build a better future together.

The panel will feature Catherine Albisa (moderator); Exec Dir of NESRI, Alyssa Battistoni (discussant); Dept. of Political Science, Yale Univ., Darrick Hamilton (discussant); Assoc. Prof of Economics and Urban Policy, New School, Gay McDougall (discussant) Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Leitner Center for International Law and Justice, Fordham Univ. Law School, Patrick Mason (discussant); Prof. of Economics and Director of African American Studies, Florida State Univ. and Kathi Weeks (discussant); Prof. of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist, Duke University.