10 Things About SDS

1 nyc

1: NYC is our laboratory.

BBA Design Management Integration, 5.16.12

2: SDS students are not just thinkers, they're makers.

3 diff countries

3: SDS students and faculty are currently working all over the world.

4 cocreate

4: Faculty and students co-create solutions for today and the future.

Softwalks Chambers Howard

5: Students and faculty put strategy into action.

BBA Design Management Integration, 5.16.12

6: SDS faculty practice what they preach.

7 other classes

7: Students can take classes in social sciences, public policy, international affairs, to name a few...

8 parsons

8: SDS is one of the five schools of Parsons, one of the leading design schools in the world.

9 worlds

9: SDS grads bring design thinking to the worlds of entrepreneurship, healthcare, banking, architecture, humanitarian aid, environmental advocacy, and many more.

10 your design-01

10: At SDS, your future is yours to design.


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